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Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

What is brandsvillage?
brandsvillage is USA's most exclusive private shopping club featuring top designer brands at up to 80% to its selected member base. Membership free of charge but by invitation only. Every day members are notified of the coveted fashion splash sales being featured every day. Happy shopping!

How does brandsvillage work?
Before we start each sale event, we send out an email invitation to our members who have subscribed to this service. Each event lasts for a limited period of time. Our members log on to when the sale events start and save up to 80% with each purchase.

Does brandsvillage guarantee authenticity and quality?
Yes. Working hand-in-hand with our brand partners, we guarantee that each and every item is first hand and 100% authentic. We carry the authority to sell the product.

Sales Events

What is a sales event?
Every week we bring you trendsetting international brands at in the form of sales events. Each sale event lasts for a limited time and has limited quantities.

Does the availability of an item change during a sales event?
Yes. As we have a limited number of each item our sales are on a first come, first served basis. We do not restock items - so it helps to log in early! The products that are SOLD OUT will be marked as such and if a product is shown to be still available, you will receive it when purchased. So, you will always know which products are available for purchase.

Can I join offline sales events, order over the phone or email?
No. Sales events are only available on

Invitations and Store Credits

How do I invite my friends to brandsvillage?
You can invite your friends by visiting the invitations page. You can invite your friends from your addressbook on popular services such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. by entering their email addresses or by posting your personal invitation link on your website, blog or on social media websites such as facebook and twitter.

How do I track my invitations?
You can track who has accepted your invitations by clicking see the people I have invited under my account.

How do I receive store credits?
Every time one of your friends who signed up through your invitation makes their first purchase on brandsvillage, we will credit your account with &$10 store credits that you can use for future purchases.

How can I see the store credits I have earned?
You can see your store credits by clicking see my store credits under my account.


How can I change my order?
You can add/delete items to your orders as long as your order is not complete. Once your order is complete, it cannot be changed.

Can I combine different items from different campaigns into one cart?
Yes you can. Please be aware that your order will be shipped once the campaigns are over, therefore when you combine items from multiple campaigns, your order will be shipped once the campaign with the later ending time has ended.


What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit, debit cards.


How much does shipping cost?
Shipping on brandsvillage costs $5.5.

When will my order arrive?
Brandsvillage aims but does not guarantee to deliver the products to customers within 3-4 weeks from the day of close of sale depending upon the shipping location, given that the actual time of shipping depends upon several factors including but not limited to (delay in delivery through the courier partner, transporters' strike, delay in receiving products from brand partners etc.)

What happens if I'm not available for receiving my shipment?
Our premium logistic partner will attempt to reach you on the provided contact number to execute the delivery on the spot. An automatic re-delivery will occur within 24-48 hours. A third attempt will be made only upon confirmation from you, and a final delivery will occur on a pre-agreed date.

Please make sure that you're able to receive calls from our logistic partner for a smooth delivery. For unsuccessful deliveries, your package will be held by our logistic partner for a maximum of 4 business days and then returned back to brandsvillage's logistic centre. Only after the package return  s to us we will be able to arrange for re-delivery. If we do not hear back from you within 1 week, we will need to cancel the order

In case of re-delivery, shipping cost will be borne by the client.

What should I do if my package is damaged?
All our packages are guaranteed to be  in  perfect condition when they leave brandsvillage. In case you receive a damaged package, do not accept the package and send us an email at support@ with your order ID.


Can I return my items?
Yes, you can return your purchased items within 10 days of the original ship date from brandsvillage in their original condition. For more information, please see our return policy

How do I return my items?
Please send us an email at with your order ID.

Can I exchange my items?
Unfortunately no. Since our sales events are time and quantity limited, we cannot offer any exchange for any product.